KS1539SPOTLIGHTKevin Shen is an Asian-American actor based in London working in theatre, television, and film. He has performed on the West End, at the National Theatre in London, and at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Kevin studied Computer Systems Engineering and Sociology at Stanford University and received an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • I kind of feel like if leaving the EU meant we weren’t allowed to compete in #Eurovision, then maybe people wouldn’t have voted for brexit. 4 days ago
  • Show 3: #Beetlejuice - Really funny and clever. I will watch basically anything alextimbers directs, though I wish… https://t.co/ordg4qAPlk 6 days ago
  • Second show of the trip: #Octet by #DaveMalloy at @SignatureTheatr. Fascinating and some of the most gorgeous singi… https://t.co/C4hGoG8US5 7 days ago
  • I should not be allowed to read the @EaterNY heatmap when I’m on my own. #aucheval #famousburger #duckheartgravy… https://t.co/NTTZYWs5gS 7 days ago
  • @Davina_Moon @ParkTheatre Yahh!! Great to see you and well done!! Break legs! 2 weeks ago


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