KS1539SPOTLIGHTKevin Shen is an Asian-American actor based in London working in theatre, television, and film. He has performed on the West End, at the National Theatre in London, and at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Kevin studied Computer Systems Engineering and Sociology at Stanford University and received an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • @MaxArthurBarton November?! I'm in LA until then. Miss you! 4 hours ago
  • @DP_tweets @TheRSC Haha amazing. I think they were my Guardian Ox of the Underworld boots. Don't hear that every day huh? 4 hours ago
  • @MaxArthurBarton You know Max Fivestar-ton is way more boring than the previous incarnation. 5 hours ago
  • @DP_tweets @TheRSC Haha amazing. My pleasure. I did my best breaking them in. I think all @TheRSC costumes should t… https://t.co/CU9CvvNJDh 15 hours ago
  • @meepimaud Yeah but I'm in LA at the moment! It's a different game! 2 days ago


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